Eyeglasses Anti Slip Nose Pad Stick-on

Eyeglasses Anti Slip Nose Pad Stick-on

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Designed specifically for people with flat noses! And it can also play a role in the anti-slip effect! The sheet metal frame is no longer easy to fall down! The effect is very good!

     Applicable to all kinds of sheet optical frames, sheet sunglasses frames, plastic frames.

1 first clean the glasses with detergent to prevent the surface grease from damaging the product and affecting the effect.

2 Stick the anti-slip glasses on the curved edge of the nose pads of the glasses (each package has instructions for use)

3 When peeling off, the viscosity is large. It is necessary to use a little force. But the finger should not directly touch the paste position.

4 After sticking, please don't tear it off again. If there is a deviation in position, please move directly to the appropriate position and press it again.

[Special declaration]

   Nasal stickers can not be used repeatedly. Do not remove the re-stick after sticking. The second stick will directly affect the stickiness of the nose pads. Please do not touch the water in the adhesive position, adhesive products, waterproof washing effect is limited, often need to wash the glasses, please use caution, nose pads will fall off when washed with water!


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