Voice Recognition Smart Robot

Voice Recognition Smart Robot

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The best way to let your kids love technology, and learn a lot from it
This  Voice Recognition Smart Robot will help your kid learn new words, interact, answer without getting bored at all. Your kid can go for hours and learn a lot much faster thanks to this robot

It’s perfect for parent-child bonding sessions. It’s a great way to build an everlasting connection with your child. Plus, two brains are always better than one when you’re solving those hard puzzles!


How does it work?

  • Voice Control Mode: With a total of 10 commands, the robot makes different actions and emits different sounds. According to the commands, it moves forward, backward, left, right, circle, sings, and dances.
  • Touch sensing mode: The robot has three touchpoints, which are on the left and right sides of the head and the top. The left and right touchpoints can control the movements forward and backward. To turn left and right. Press and hold to adjust the volume. Touch the top touchpoint and the robot will do different actions and make different sounds.
  •  Voice repeat mode: Press and hold the top touchpoint of the robot to activate voice repeat mode, and the robot will repeat every sentence you say.
  •  Voice message mode: Press and hold the button on the chest to record three voice messages, each of which is 8 seconds long.




  • Applicable Age: 3 years old up
  • Voice Control 
  • Recording Mode

Package Content

  • 1 x Robot
  • 1 x Manual





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