100% Recyclable Bio-hybrid Thermoplastic And Polyethylene Carbon Reduced Eco-friendly Pet Waste Bags From Renewable Thermoplastic Starch - Dispenser And 2 Pack Of Rolls

Pet Life

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The 100% recyclable bio-hybrid thermoplastic and polyethylene carbon reduced eco-friendly pet waste bags are composed of a blend of renewable thermoplastic starch (tps) and polyethylene (pe).This blended resin grade is compatibilised to offer a high level of mechanical strength, outstanding elongation properties and toughness furthermore the resin is derived from 100% renewable resources including non-gmo corn starch and complies with international standards.These pet waste bags are composed from facilities that leave very little carbon footprint.Additionally these bags can withstand high levels of moisture content.Pet life strives to better our planets ultimate agenda by collaborating with our consumers and changing the way we dispose of our pets waste, let's make that effort together! can be used for humans as well.Comes with 2 rolls and a roll dispenser.15 bags per roll.4 roll pack refill options are available.Product measurements (each roll) l x w x h 2.5 x 2 x2