Car Headrest Pillow

$ 40.99

This ergonomically designed Car Headrest Pillow is suitable for most car seats with bars. it provides comfortable neck head support for the passenger when falling asleep in the car, it helps for relaxing muscles and keeps a healthy sleeping posture, effectively prevent neck fatigue and pain. the side pillows comfortably support the head on both sides and protect your head from banging on the car door window. It will bring you safer and more comfortable nap time in the car.

  • High quality: high-quality soft and comfortable genuine leather, fine workmanship, environmentally friendly materials, UV protection, high and low-temperature resistance, soft on both sides.
  • Safe and comfortable: environmentally friendly and healthy. Silicone buckle is firm and stable, stable without shaking, not afraid of bumps. Velcro: Use sticky Velcro to hang clothes without sticking. Concavo-convex groove tensile structure: ABS material for automobiles is used to make the product more stable and stronger
  • Ergonomic design: comfortable with neck protection, head support, neck support, shoulder support. Neck/head protection: Made of special leather for cars, leaning on more comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable experience: resting on the side, resting on the headrest on the side of the car, fitting and supporting the neck, easing cervical fatigue, and avoiding collision
  • Easy to operate: it is installed in 60 seconds, the design of the slot of the plunger is more convenient, and the side sleeping headrest is firmly and firmly locked. The comfortable and safe seat is quickly set up within 60 seconds