Stress Buster Desktop Punching bag

Stress Buster Desktop Punching bag

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Is it all getting a bit too much? Are you on the brink of punching one of your co-workers' lights out?

Are your stress meters going dangerously into the red? Then this Desktop Punching Bag will be your lifeline!

With its strong suction cup, you set it up standing upright or hanging from a flat surface. No need to pull any punches with this little inflatable ball. Defeat stress with a knockout in the first round, and find your inner peace again through violence!


  • Anti-stress mini punching ball
  • Easy to inflate with the supplied pump
  • Attachable to any flat surface with a strong suction cup
  • Can be (ab)used in a hanging or standing setup
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Material: PU-leather, metal, rubber
  • Fun gadget for at home or at the office


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