Quartz Tree Of Life Necklace

Quartz Tree Of Life Necklace

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Clarity. Positivity. Love

Harness the strength of one of nature’s most powerful healing stones with our Neon Quartz Healing Necklace. This special charm carries in it the remedial essence of the earth’s healing wisdom. Invite positiveempowering energy into your life every time you adorn your neck with this healing treasure.
Powerful Healing Properties

Adorn your neck with this special piece to invoke the curative properties of Mother Earth. Benefit from the natural positive energy attraction of Neon Quartz, improving the mind and body synchronicity and overall feelings of wellbeing. We have fused these powerful energies with the symbology of The Tree of Life, which represents your acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of life and your readiness for growth, just as the tree’s branches grow up towards the stars.

Call In More Of What Serves You

Quartz is one of the most potent gems for helping us to manifest our dreams into being. You can charge your Neon Quartz pendant with your personal intentions by holding it in the palm of your hand while you visualize what you want to bring into your life.


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