Handyman Magnetic Wrist Band

Handyman Magnetic Wrist Band

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Magnetic Wrist Band is the first of its kind! You can use it to attract screws to your wrist with ease. This product is perfect for all repairmen, handymen or women, or any other tradesperson that needs a similar method of holding screws.

Great for holding small tools and screws while you work

  • Effectively provides a "third hand" while working
  • A simple solution when working in awkward locations e.g. up ladders, under cars
  • Adjustable strap to suit wrist size
  • Includes 15 strong magnets for securely holding nails, screws, drill bits etc
  • Great Time Saver by providing a 3rd helping hand when you need it most. No more headaches from losing or dropping small items while working.
  • Adjustable Fit One Size fits most. The wristband for everyone!

The magnet is embedded in the wrist so that it can hold a large number of screws and gadgets in one area.


Length: 370mm Width: 90mm
Single weight: 0.054 kg / single volume: 10 × 13 × 3 cm
Material: 1680D ballistic polyester, rare earth NdFeB magnetic

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