Magic Spin Lollipop

Magic Spin Lollipop

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This magic wand can present players with different shapes after it is spun simply. Spin it clockwise, all the leaves will separate just like a tree; Spin it counterclockwise, the leaves will gather just like a lollipop.

In addition, with the warm and bright color scheme, it is a good kit for stress relief during the break. This lollipop kit keeps your hands occupied and relaxes your eyes easily.

  • Made of high-quality wood for durability.
  • All parts should be lightly ground to avoid injury.
  • The bright colors and elegant design make it a great decoration for your room or office.
  • Fun and magical gameplay, fast twisting, the nozzle magically changed from "whirlwind" to "burst" and once again returned with incredibly graceful movement.
  • Adult great toys to relieve stress and build early shapes, colors, and mathematical concepts for children.

Product specifications:

  • Material: wood

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