Raw Herkimer Diamond 14k Gold Filled Prong Ring

Raw Herkimer Diamond 14k Gold Filled Prong Ring

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This unique quartz gemstone, known as a Herkimer diamond stands out stunningly on its own in a four prong setting. A 14k gold filled band contrasts with the clear Herkimer diamond, whose high brilliance and sparkle gives you all the diamond feels. This ring makes for a gorgeous and memorable gift or even an alternative engagement ring.

*Note: These gemstones are completely natural, therefore their size and shape are not exactly the same. Please regard the last picture, which shows how variations are possible and what they may look like.


Metal 1/20 14k gold filled
Gemstone(s) 7-9mm raw Herkimer diamond quartz
Cut N/A
Carat Varied
Setting Four prong
Ring Band 1.2 mm / 16 GA tapered half round
Grade AA

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