Rose by CuartoAstral Burner and Diffuser Oil

Rose by CuartoAstral Burner and Diffuser Oil

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Rose oil content is a 10ml or 0.33 fl oz.

Use 3 drops in a diffuser or an incense oil burner with water and enjoy the wonderful and peaceful aroma. Wonderful aroma to cleanse and fill spaces with love. I highly recommend this oil to be used after burning a Palo Santo or Sage (also available at my store), since they make the hard work of "clearing" the spaces and then the use of the Rose is to fill the same space with loving vibrations.

Some angels when they want to be noticed they can smell like certain scents. Mine smell like R

Psychological effects:
- Calming

- Relaxing

- Romance

- Aphrodisiac

- Confidence Increase 

- Feeling of Protection


Do not use on skin

Do not ingest

Avoid contact with eyes


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