GermFreeKey™ Antimicrobial Door Opener Tool, Including Stylus Tip and Keychain

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Don't Take A Chance With Your Health!

Made with premium quality brass, our sanitary key is your perfect companion in opening doors, drawers, and even in pressing buttons and keypads. With this tool, you no longer need to worry about touching dirty surfaces.

Available in multiple shapes and sizes! 

✅ NO TOUCH HAND TOOL - Made from a solid piece of brass, the GermFreeKey™ is made to help you "open doors & use on shared surfaces". By using the GermFreeKey™ you avoid touching and contaminating yourself with bacteria from handles and screens. Keep yourself and others happy and healthy with our GermFreeKey™.

✅ DOOR OPENER TOOL - Opens doors and presses buttons so you don't get bacteria on your hands. This is your edc ( every day carry ) keychain hook. This button pusher tool is made to prevent the spreading of germs and for use in public spaces, on elevators buttons, atm pads, doorbells, gas pumps and checkout lines. 

✅ GERM PROTECTION EDC UTILITY TOOL The GermFreeKey™ is cut from solid brass and the dimensions are ergonomic to fit in your hand. This door opener tool EDC keychain includes a stylus for use with touchscreens like atms and even your cell phone! Use as a tool hook for doors handles and even toilets.

✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN The GermFreeKey™ has an ergonomic design that keeps you from dropping the GermFreeKey™ while you are holding other things. Notched ridges help to keep the device from sliding too deeply in your pocket, and the small middle hole is perfect for attaching your key ring. The GermFreeKey™ is used for opening doors without making direct physical contact due to the current pandemic. Attach to your keychain and never touch a door handle again!