Tree of Life Necklace

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We All Start From A Seed 

Beautifully marrying the sacred significance of the Tree Of Life with the self-healing powers of the Chakra system, our Tree Of Life Necklace reminds us we all start from a seed and return to the earth and brings power, purpose, and healing to the life of those who wear it.
Tree of Life Necklace
Walk With Purpose
The Tree of Life inspires fresh hope and fuels our strength to walk our path with complete faith. Wearing this powerful symbol represents your acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of life and your readiness for growth, just as the tree’s branches grow up towards the stars.
Tree of Life Necklace
Harmonize Your Chakra System

We have coupled this powerful Tree Of Life symbology with an array of colorful gemstones representing the seven chakras that are aligned within the body. When the seven crystals in the necklace make a connection with your body, they will offer up their own unique soulful and physical benefits:
Tree of Life Necklace

Red Jasper - Root Chakra - Creativity, Sexuality, Attraction 

Agate  - Sacral Chakra - Balance, Harmony, Concentration

Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra - Vitality, Growth, Confidence

Lapis Lazuli  - Throat Chakra - Confidence, Creativity, Self Awareness

Amethyst - Third Eye - Tranquility, Self Awareness

Pendant size: 1.96 x 1.96 inch/ 5 x 5 cm
Chain length: 17.5 inch/ 45 cm

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