Waterproof 30000mAh Solar Power Bank With LED Flashlight

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Let the sun take charge and your phone will never hit 0% battery again!

We all know the fear we have of running out of power in our technology-driven world today. Whether it's your cell phone dying while your waiting on an important email, or your tablet dying when your just about to finish the finale of the show you've been binge-watching all week. The problem with traditional power banks is that if they run out power and there is no outlets around you can't charge them. You're out of luck!

Luckily with the our Solar Power Bank, this will no longer happen! You'll always be prepared, this power bank charges most phones 10+ over on a full charge! Power bank run out of juice? Renewable energy has your back! Let the power of the sun charge your device for free! This is the perfect backup for any situation.

Ultra-Convenient: Plug into the wall or computer USB port to charge fast then top it off with some solar power to help you stay connected.

Versatile: Works with any device that has a USB port such as phones, cameras, radios, drones and much more!

Large Capacity: A massive 30,000 mAh capacity allowing your to charge the average cell phone twice over.

Dual Charges: Charge two devices at once with dual output jacks!

Durable Grip: Rubber padded grip preventing your hand from slipping when wet and stopping fall damage.

Water Resistant: Form-fitting rubber caps keep the device safe from rain and other liquids.

Built-In Flashlight: Use the flashlight on the back to light up your tent, bug out bag or to light up your path.

Charging Cord (included): Micro USB to regular USB charging cord for use in charging the unit with a power source.

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