Waterproof Pet Car Seat Cover Dog Travel Mat For Suv Trunk, Purple Cloud

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Ships from hong kong.Waterproof pet seat cover protect seats from pet fur, and, paw prints the plush, duallayer, waterproof seat protector slips over a sofa, chair, truck or car seat in minutes to comfort a resting dog or cat, and prevent fur, liquid, dirt or debris from ruining expensive upholstery.Give your pet the freedom to be carefree at home or in your vehicle without worries of being reprimanded.Fits most seats.Elegant silhouette pattern showcases popular dog breeds.Size: double seats: 130*45*50cm; single seat:53*60*35cm; simple seat: 135*145cm; suv trunk: 145*120cm.Waterproof oxford fabric hammock seat cover to keep your car tidy while transporting your pets.Safely satisfy a dog's urge to look out the window while driving automobiles.Adjustable straps provide a secure fit to protect your leather or velour seats from pet hair, drool, dust and dirt while traveling and sleeping.Cleaning easy, washable, easy to dry.It can be folded into a packet when not in use, do not take up space.